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PS5 "Koi-Koi: Love Blossoms" Special Event!
Heroine costume survey is now live and the most popular item to be given away for free!

"Pick a new look for the heroine!" Survey Campaign

"Koi-Koi: Love Blossoms" for PlayStation5 is currently conducting a "Pick a new look for the heroine!" survey.
The costume that won first place in the survey will be distributed as free DLC!
Please participate in the survey and tell us which costume you want to dress the sisters, Koume and Sakura, who fall in love with the protagonist.

Costume Choices

1: French maid mini dress
French maid mini dress. Wearing this outfit with the frills on the apron and hem of the skirt, she will undoubtedly serve her master with all her heart.
2: Bunny suit
This suit features cute bunny ears. The combination of a high-leg leotard, fishnet pantyhose, and high heels will give her an overwhelming presence and make it hard to take your eyes off her.
3: Work outfit with black stockings
This work office suit exudes a professional impression. The short, tight skirt and black stockings are so short you can't help but feel nervous when looking at them, and they are the perfect combination.
4: Coveralls/ a tank-top
This coverall is designed for comfort and functionality on the work site. At first glance, this outfit seems out of place in this game, but the tank-top style, which reminds one of taking a break from work, and the long sleeves of the coverall tied around the waist hint that something is about to happen.

The costume that ranked first in the survey will be distributed free of charge as DLC.
*The timing of distribution has yet to be determined.

Please fill out the survey via the relevant posts on social media.

Survey period: Until 2:59 p.m. [UTC] on Sunday, December 31, 2023