Various items can be selected on the title menu that opens when the game is launched.
This section provides an overview of each item.

◎ Starting the game
Select "Play from Start" to start the game from the story's beginning. Select "Continue from Last Save" to resume the game from the saved data or auto-save.

< About Saves >
You can save at any time at the end of a chapter.
Auto-saves are performed at regular intervals during the course of the story.

◎ Scenario Flashback
Once you have completed a chapter, you can play it from the beginning of that chapter.

◎ Costumes
You can select costumes you have acquired and change the heroine's outfit as you like.
You can acquire new costumes by clearing mini-games with an S rank.

◎ Settings
You can change various settings for the game, such as the screen brightness and volume control.
You can also switch the display language in the game from the settings.
*The audio is only available in Japanese.

◎ Mini-games
You can play the mini-games you played during the course of the story.